Welcome to my Art!

My name is Scott Richards and I paint bodies!

The Photography group at FanTCimage invited me to try out body painting. I said yes and have been hooked ever since! It is more then just painting or drawing on a board…. So much more!

Special Thanks

I can’t express enough thanks to all the models who have stood standing for 6 to 7 hrs wile I paint my art on them. They have endured an extremely long day of being painted and painted only to be told it is time for the show! Then they get to pose of another 3 hrs. so the photographers can capture the art. So to all of you, thank you so much for taking part in the body painting events!

My Canvas

“I’ll spend days drawing and scratching out my concept before I’ll paint it”

I have always found escape in creating art, but I have found painting the human body to be an adventure I can’t be with-out. When I see the model take my art to the stage and bring it to life, I get to see my vision come alive and dance with the lights! it is my passion, It is my escape!


My name is Scott Richards and I enjoy creating living art through painting the human body. I’m professional and always considerate. I’m dedicated to creating art worthy of being viewed and enjoyed. When the model says “Oh my god, I love it” I get a great felling of satisfaction! When other body painters compliment my work I feel grateful to be among them. This is my escape, this is my art.

location: Los Angels and surrounding areas including Orange county.
Rates: Rates are negotiable depending on location and project.
Models: If you need me to supply a model – Models rates will very depending on the location and project but because I’m involved with the largest photography group in Ca. I have access to many extremely reliable models!

For booking me please scroll down.


Next Body Paint Event: Jan. 7th

Photographers interested in attending events should register with a free account at Group Shoot meetup.

Modeling interested in working with our group of painters can submit themselves at FanTCimage.

“For the Love of Art” Event will be taking place at Lumino Studio’s in Placentia Ca. and will feature many of Southern California’s top Body Painters! Already on the list of painters is Luciano Paesani and Terry Hampton!



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